Today’s Math Isn’t The Same As What You Learned In School

Math is one of those subjects that you child will either love or hate depending on their experiences with it.

The way it is taught today often drives students away and makes it one of the most hated topics in the school curriculum today. However, without a solid background in mathematics your child’s career choices are limited and even their ability to enter the college of their choice is curtailed. That is our topic for a conversation today. How does one foster an interest in a subject that is often considered dull, mind-numbing, and a bore?

We will look at a different ways that a new breed of math teachers are using that can help your child excel at mathematics instead of falling behind and flunking out of their classes.

Instead, your child will look at math with different eyes and see not only how useful it is, but how it opens up the world and creates inquiring minds that can go on to face life’s challenges and find their place in the world without the fear of poor math skills holding them back.

The old days of memorizing mathematical formulas and the multiplication tables have been replaced with thinking mathematical skills.

These new skills are gleaned from many sources such as India, Switzerland, Egypt, and even Singapore.

For example, ancient documents talk about doing mathematics according to a rules-based system. This promotes thinking and reasoning skills over rote memorization that makes math so mind numbing and boring.

So, instead of continuously doing math problems that after awhile lose their relationship to the real world, math goes from a dull subject to a living vibrate language that can be used to describe the universe and its workings.

From many corners of the earth and times, these different ways of making the math simpler and more enjoyable arose and are being taught by skilled tutors to help their charges understand math better and succeed in life.

During WWII, developed by an engineer condemned to death by the Nazis regime, a man kept himself sane during his incarceration in a death work camp by retreating into a world of pure math. He escaped many times but was recaptured and returned to other camps with more harsh environments.

He finished his system prior to a final escape to Switzerland where he taught the system of math he developed to children and bank employees.

These are just some of the secrets of these new tutors use to make math fun and interesting as well as teaching it in a way that fits the student’s favored method of learning.┬áIf you live in San Diego check Amazing Math Tutor Inc. We offer the best and most experienced math tutors you can find.

Then you’ll get the ideal tutor who has the solution to your child’s math needs, as today’s tutors use the latest innovations in child development to make math exciting, varied, and most importantly fun.

Your child’s learning style is mirrored and lessons match their temperament, which gives them the edge over their peers as they excel while others fall further and further behind.

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