Tips for Taking Multiple Choice Math Tests

Have you ever distressed over a Math test to be held tomorrow? Can you imagine how stressful that is? Having to study for it, practically cram for it especially since you haven’t studied before?

 This is actually the first mistake you’ve committed. Normally, teachers announce exams a week before you have to take it, especially for Math. Having heard of this, you should have started preparing for it. You can mostly just read over the study materials and familiarize yourself with the topic. It is especially helpful if you try out the examples yourself and practice solving it without looking at the solution for the Math problem.

 Doing this gives you a boost of confidence when you find that the answer you solved for is similar to the correct answer. Now, when you study, try not to stress yourself out, thinking to yourself how you should ace it and so you can’t make a mistake here. That kind of thinking is dangerous. Peer competitiveness can become unhealthy if it’s done too much. You can end up stressing yourself than helping. Additionally, do not think too much about making mistakes. You’ll end up over-stressing yourself if you berate yourself for making mistakes. Many fall victim to these stressful assumptions that even they don’t know themselves that they’ve fallen victim.

 If in case though, that you find yourself stuck; that even though you’ve studied so hard and so long, yet you still don’t get the entire process. If this is the case with you, why not consider hiring a Math tutor that can help you out? Math tutors often know how to make your lessons simpler, in a sense that you can slowly but finally get the whole process of math.

 However, you can’t exactly be with your Math tutor all the time, now can you? Most often than not, you won’t have your tutor to help you by the time you need to take exams. Since this is the case, here are some things that you should consider doing when your exams near.

 On the night before your Math test, consider going to bed on time so that you can have a fresh and awake state of mind for when you go to take your test. Moreover, be at school on time, or maybe earlier so that you can calm down for when it’s time to take the test.

 Moreover, keep in mind that even though you feel like you’re forgetting something try not to cram in the morning of your test. Eat a good breakfast, calm down, and sure enough you’ll remember all that you’ve studied during the test. Just think positive!

 When you get your test and you find that you were given a multiple-choice kind of exam, here are some tips that you can use to help you find the correct answer.

 First of, read the instructions carefully. Make sure you understand what’s being asked for and how it’s being asked for. If you do not understand the directions, ask your teacher to explain the instructions to you.

Afterwards, read the problem and encircle or underline the specific key words that you know you’ve just got to keep in mind as you solve for the answer. Most Math questions are straightforward and you just have to read them carefully to find your answer.

 Since this is a multiple-choice type of test, you can eliminate the answers you just know is wrong. Be careful when you do this though, since you’re crossing out the ones that you are sure are wrong, just be sure that they are really wrong.

 But if you can’t decide what the answer is sure to be and which ones are wrong, get solving. Read the problem again, get the given information and collect them to one spot and mark them properly afterwards. Solve the problem on your own without looking at the choices and once you’ve found your answer, compare it with the given answers on the multiple choices. If you find your answer similar to one of the multiple choices, that’s a good sign, just be sure that they’re exactly the same number. If it’s only close, solve again, most often than not, that’s wrong.

Remember; don’t panic if you can’t get the answer. Pace yourself and if you just can’t get the answer that you’re sure is right, skip it and just get back to it after you’ve read and answered the rest of the questions.

 By skipping questions that you’re having trouble with in favor of answering the next one in hopes of getting the next, you’ll surely save more time. If you get the answer to the next one, and then the next, you’re confidence may rise and you’ll be able to calm yourself down significantly, in time to answer the question/s you skipped. That’s right; skip a question if you’re having trouble with it, or if you’re having trouble understanding what the question is looking for, or if your answers just don’t match up. This way, you can skip the frustration and just get back to it once you’re sure about the others. This way, you can read through the whole exam and get as many sure right answers as you can.

 By doing this, you can be sure that you have a higher chance of passing, especially since the ones you’ve skipped are the ones you’re having trouble with. If worst comes to worst and the time runs out, you can also make a sudden intelligent guess just to have a chance of answering the skipped question/s correctly.

Now, if your arms tire during the test, relax your grip and give the muscles on your hand and arm to get a break. Calm yourself down at the meantime and think about how much you’re practiced answering; this will give you that sudden boost of morale to keep going.

 Remember, it’s not about scoring the highest; it’s about passing the test to the best of your abilities. Don’t put pressure on yourself if you can help it, and just study as much as you can so that when the test comes, you’re as ready as can be.

 Again, in Math, it’s not just about guessing, it’s about making an intelligent guess after eliminating the choices that you’re just sure is wrong. Additionally, if you find that you can back substitute the answer on the multiple choices you should go ahead and do so. This will surely save you time and effort. These type of questions are illusive however finding a question that you can back substitute with is hard, so to be on the safe side, just solve the question the proper way.

 When it comes to charts and graphs, be sure to read titles, and axis labels to be sure that you’re looking at the right chart and axis. Additionally, when there are multiple questions behind a single passage, move on to reading the questions first before reading the passage, this is to help you find the one’s that you need to answer and just focus on that instead of reading the whole passage.

 Math is pretty straightforward, just be sure to practice a lot and solve as many Math questions as you can by yourself to train how to answer and solve a problem calmly and in a composed manner, without panicking at the mere sight of new information to solve with.

Hiring a Math Tutor can help you improve your grades when taking multiple choice math tests.

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