The 7 Powerful Tips to Motivate Your Children in Learning Math

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No-one ever said that getting an education would be easy, but there are times when it can seem downright impossible. This is especially true when a child is struggling in one particular subject. They find it all too easy to just give up and focus on something else that they excel in. Math is one subject where struggles will come along at one time or another for every child. There are so many different concepts to deal with that there are bound to be one or two that will trip them up along the way. Hiring a math tutor is one way to help children overcome those problems, but a little motivation can help, too. Here are a few simple ways to keep your child motivated and willing to learn math:

1. Be passionate – there is no denying that math can be an incredibly dry, sometimes tedious subject, which is why it helps to instill a little passion. If you have a great story about how you finally came to understand one math concept or another, enthusiastically share it with your child.

2. Use their interests – every child has something that they are interested in, which could be anything from music to sports. Try to find a way to incorporate their interests into learning a particular math concept. It could be something to do with the dimensions of a sports field, or the timing used in music.

3. Give a history lesson – it’s easy to lose interest in something that you know very little about. Math concepts were put together for a reason, and perhaps telling a little bit about the history of how they came to be might be enough to raise the interest of your child a little more.

4. Show them where math can take them – there are plenty of shows on television where math is applied that your kids might not be aware of. For example, cooking shows deal with fractions and the like in measurements, and their favorite cop show might use a number of math concepts in the forensic process. Show them how a good knowledge of math can pay dividends when it comes time to land a great job.

5. Issue challenges – one of the biggest issues that children face when learning math is trying to follow the guidelines placed in text books. It sometimes takes a little outside the box thinking in order for the light to go on and motivation to follow. Give your children some real world challenges that will better help them understand the concepts they are learning.

6. Freedom of choice – there will be some math concepts that will interest your children more than others. Allow them to choose their own path as much as possible, as this will motivate them to want to learn the next.

7. Math tutoring – you can do all of the things mentioned above and still have problems motivating your child. They may have reached the point where they have tuned you out, which is where a new voice may be what is needed. If you live in the area, then hiring a Math Tutor San Diego might very well be the next logical step, where a new voice and tried and true techniques might just get your child motivated once more.


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