The 3 main Questions you should Ask about your Child’s Math Skills in a Parent-Teacher Conference

All parents want their children to excel at every subject in school. However, even the best students may not always ace every course.

When it comes to math, many parents simply do not have all the information they need about their child’s ability in this subject. This may be in large part due to the fact that they were not very good at math themselves. Each child has their own unique set of abilities, talents and interests that allow them to excel in certain but not all areas.

The reason why your child is struggling in Math could be either a “typical” one or this might be an indication of a learning disability of some sort.

When attending a parent-teacher conference, here are three vital questions you should ask the teacher in order to better understand your child’s abilities when it comes to this challenging subjects.

How Do You Identify a Disability in Math Learning?

This is perhaps the most important question a parent can ask a teacher. There is a substantial difference between a child who needs a little extra help in understanding a subject and one who may have an actual learning disability.

An experienced teacher should have a series of guidelines that help detecting definite signs of a learning disability when it comes to math. These guidelines should start with observations about the child’s attention span, ability to retain knowledge and improved performance when solving similar math problems.

Sometimes, such problems may be difficult to detect at early stages. A definite pattern, often developed over time, can show that a child is indeed struggling. Once identified, there should be solutions available such as hiring a specialized Math tutor that would implement a specific Math tutoring plan for the child.

What are the Homework Guidelines for Your Math Assignments?

This can be a vital clue for parents whose child is struggling with math, yet they may not be aware of it because they don’t know the requirements. Essentially, a teacher should explain that a typical math homework assignment should take roughly X amount of time for the average student to complete.

Ask about a recent assignment and use that to gauge if your child may need some assistance in math. An assignment that should take 20 minutes and its completed in 30 is probably not much cause for concern if that is consistent. But if the child is taking an hour or longer, then some additional math tutoring should be needed.

How Can I Help my Child Study for Math?

An experienced teacher should be able to coach certain techniques that parents can use to help their child. At the very least, these techniques should help the parent identify how well or bad their child is doing.

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