Is Our Math Education System Really Improving?

Interesting interview with the award winning teacher, Nancy Pfaff. I really liked the section where she mentions the discussion-based learning approach for Math. I also believe this is an approach that generates more motivation in kids when learning such a subject.

You can note also how she encourages the emphasis on the practical aspect of the Math rather than the conventional way of just teaching abstract procedures.

As was mentioned in one our previous posts, this is one of the area where US students show clear weakness. Often times, students memorize Math procedures and algorithms without grasping the main concept and related real-life applications.

Enjoy the interview!


Math education is getting better, says award-winning teacher

Thu, 02 Jan 2014 11:59:51 GMT

Math instruction is changing — and for the better, says Nancy Pfaff, a Lake Washington School District teacher who has won a prestigious Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Instruction.

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