Few Tips for an Easier and Smoother Back To School Time

Math tutor san diegoGoing back to school after the long summer is never easy. The children need to be well prepared so that they can re-adapt to the daily school routine. This might take a few days to kick in but you as a parent can make the transition easier.

Not only will your child have gotten used to not waking up early, they probably have a lot they need to remind themselves. One can make this process easier using some crucial tips outlined below. With these tips you will be able to bring your kids back to their normal school mood and soon they will be working hard at their studies.

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Ten Fun and Educational Activities Kids Can Do During Summer

As a kid, there are few things that feel better than leaving behind school, books and homework for the bliss of summer vacation. However, many engaging and fun summertime activities will allow kids to relax, play, and learn simultaneously! Help kids to have a great summer and develop a love for learning by trying out some of these ideas.

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How to Prepare Successfully for the Final Exams

preparing for final examsIt’s perfectly natural for high school kids to be nervous, apprehensive and even utterly fearful of the final exams looming at the end of their semester, as even at this young age these tests have never been more important in securing places in further education or career opportunities. However the good news is that going through this examination period has equally never seen so much support and good advice being available to students, and in this article we are going to look at a number of ways that effective preparation can go a long way in securing a strong set of grades.

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Tips for Taking Multiple Choice Math Tests

Have you ever distressed over a Math test to be held tomorrow? Can you imagine how stressful that is? Having to study for it, practically cram for it especially since you haven’t studied before?

 This is actually the first mistake you’ve committed. Normally, teachers announce exams a week before you have to take it, especially for Math. Having heard of this, you should have started preparing for it. You can mostly just read over the study materials and familiarize yourself with the topic. It is especially helpful if you try out the examples yourself and practice solving it without looking at the solution for the Math problem.

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5 careers that requires Math skills

Sam Mirs, EzineArticles Basic AuthorThinking of all the possible routes that you can take on so that you can lead a stable lifestyle in the future is probably the hardest thing that you can do. Requiring hours, days, and even months thinking of what to pursue, as your career can be very frustrating. However, even as you think of what to be, time flows naturally. Before you know it, time would have caught up to you, demanding on the route you want to pursue for the rest of your life.

That is why you should never waste time just thinking that tomorrow would be another day for you to think about what you want to do. Instead of just playing around, think about what you can do now to prepare for your future career. If you still don’t know which career to pursue, it’s a good suggestion to just brush up on your studies. If you find that you are good in two or three of your subjects in elementary and high school that could just lead you to a future that you’re sure to love.

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Common Core and Math Standards

The following article about Common Core and more in particular, the Mathematics Standard, is worth sharing and has useful information for parents about this topic

Article about Common Core and Math

The article describes the essentials of what was presented by the Walpole Public Schools specialist, Laura Walters, to the school committee.

Here are the main points you need to know about Math Common Core standards, based on this article:

• It is a much more rigorous standard than the old system
• Student assessment is strictly performance based. She gives an example of how a student could get a grade A in the past just by making a poster about their favorite mathematician and adds that things don’t work this way anymore with the new standards
• Common Core Math standards emphasize more on aspects that make the Math harder but more fun to learn
• It’s all about solving real-time problems rather than abstract algorithms and procedures
• Some schools allow after-hour learning programs to help kids avoid falling behind.
I have tutored Math for years and I am glad to see finally a system that makes sense. Given how things have established so far, it will be painful to implement such system and will take some time, no question about it. However, the future is bright and the American education will be reaping the rewards for years to come.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, should you have any question about the new standards and what you need to know to help your children succeed in school and have a more smooth transition into this new system.




Is Our Math Education System Really Improving?

Interesting interview with the award winning teacher, Nancy Pfaff. I really liked the section where she mentions the discussion-based learning approach for Math. I also believe this is an approach that generates more motivation in kids when learning such a subject.

You can note also how she encourages the emphasis on the practical aspect of the Math rather than the conventional way of just teaching abstract procedures.

As was mentioned in one our previous posts, this is one of the area where US students show clear weakness. Often times, students memorize Math procedures and algorithms without grasping the main concept and related real-life applications.

Enjoy the interview!


Math education is getting better, says award-winning teacher

Thu, 02 Jan 2014 11:59:51 GMT

Math instruction is changing — and for the better, says Nancy Pfaff, a Lake Washington School District teacher who has won a prestigious Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Instruction.

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